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Welcome to the Claremont Jets Gridiron store. 

Please note these items are pre-ordered items, production does not begin until the pre-order time frame is completed. The pre-order will run until the 18th August 2019.  The club also has the opportunity to extend their pre-order if they wish and it is the clubs responsibility to notify the members in the event of an extension. 

Pick up from club is the default option, please select (claremont Jets) at check out, there is no added cost for this. 

Production is approximately a 6 week process. However, some gear may have different delivery time frames depending on whether it is custom or off shelf stock. If part of your order is going to take longer than the target we will endeavor to notify you as soon as possible to keep you informed of when you can expect delivery. 

Please contact Bart at if you have any further questions regarding the Jets store.  

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